Bella Monitoring

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Solar Investment with In-Depth Energy Analytics

(Call now get your solar health-check report - $289)

Our program provides insights into how solar production and energy consumption combine to impact a solar system owner’s electricity bill. We are a software-based solution that requires no hardware installation for data acquisition straight from your utility. Identify changes in electricity consumption and/or solar production to avoid higher future electricity bills. Know when your solar system stops generating and redefine Solar Intelligence with Direct Utility Data, Direct to You.

Easy to understand production, consumption and estimated True-Up data.

Bella Monitoring Service Plans

Lite Plan


$35/mo / $24.99/month

  • True-Up Bill Management, True-Up peace-of-mind with our automated monitoring software.
  • Accurate solar production estimates for optimal energy planning.
  • Hourly energy consumption monitoring for efficient usage.
  • User-friendly graphics for easy interpretation of solar performance.
  • 24/7 US-based tech support for prompt issue resolution.
  • Weekly email notifications on system status and performance. – Alerts on deviations in solar production for timely action.

Pro plan

Monitoring & Maintenance

$60/mo / $34.99/month

  • Enjoy everything in our Lite plan plus the imperative services and exclusive benefits below.
  • Enjoy one complimentary service call dispatch or ‘truckroll’ every year, saving you $189.
  • Receive a thorough, 55-point electrical safety inspection at no extra cost.
  • Benefit from a 15% discount on all Bella Electric Services, covering a range of needs such as Solar Tune-ups, Panel Cleanings, LED Lighting, backup batteries, dedicated circuit installations and much, much more.
  • Solar Monitoring: Utility-Derived, No-Hardware Approach to Data-Driven Insights

*Central Valley and San Diego country residents only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine it’s your solar system’s annual check-up, minus the stethoscope and cold hands. We give you two years of energy data, complete with a prognosis and treatment plan. Normally $289, but who’s counting?

Absolutely! We have hundreds of commercial clients so satisfied they’re practically doing cartwheels down the office halls. Size doesn’t matter here, folks; whether you’re a tiny mom-and-pop shop or a mega corporation, we’ve got you covered.

It’s like inviting Sherlock Holmes over, but for your electrical issues. You get a world-class electrician for half an hour, enough time to solve most mysteries. Need more time? No worries, we go into “overtime” at $105 an hour plus materials.

Our electrician comes over and turns into an electrical detective, sniffing out NEC violations and safety issues like a truffle pig in a forest. You’ll get a detailed report that makes you the wisest homeowner on the block.

Magic. Kidding! We actually cross-reference weather data with your historical energy chomping to make a “crystal ball” level prediction on your solar system’s future performance.

Nope! We’re like that laid-back friend who’s cool if you need to bounce. But with our value-packed services, we’re confident you’ll stick around like glitter on a craft project.

Think Central Valley of California and San Diego County. If you’re way out in the boonies or chilling in another state, give us a shout; we may be able to work something out.

Only if your energy habits make our AI go “Hmm, that’s odd.” Otherwise, we do all the magic remotely, no fairy dust required.

Sure do! If within the first 30 days you’re not as impressed with us as your grandma is with your “accomplishments,” we’ll give you a full refund.

We take cash, check, and your first-born—just kidding! Major credit cards and direct debits work just fine. 

As long as it’s not running on coal and steam, you’re probably good. If it is, we offer free consultations to drag you into the 21st century.

Our encryption is tighter than your jeans after Thanksgiving dinner. Your data stays with us unless you give us a notarized, witnessed, and cross-my-heart permission slip to share it.

No, but we can sign you up for different accounts for monitoring multiple properties.

Every 48 hours. Imagine it as the season finale cliffhanger of your personal energy drama, but with new episodes every two days.

Nope! Our system plays nice with your existing smart meter, no new toys needed.

Breaking up is hard to do, but we make it easy. Log into your account or call our customer service, which is available more often than a pumpkin spice latte in the fall.

Yep, in nifty CSV format. For those who love spreadsheets a little too much, this one’s for you.

We offer good ol’ USA-based support via email, chat, and phone. And yes, we do have an FAQ section, but you knew that already.

Yes siree! It’s like having a mini energy auditor in your pocket, available on both iOS and Android.

Blink and you might miss it. Ok, not really, but we’re talking 48 hours max from subscription to “OMG, I can see my energy!”

Select a Utility or Solar Data Inverter manufacturer below for connection instructions.

Homeowner Connection Guide

If you received an email asking you to connect your utility or solar inverter data to Know True-Up, this guide will help you through the process. Using the link provided in the email, enter Know True-Up.

PG&E Connection Guide

1. Once you click the link in the automated email from Know True-Up, you will see the screen below. Select your utility provider on this screen.

2. Know True-Up Redirects to the PG&E Share my Data Page where you will log in using your PG&E credentials.

3. Leave all default selections as is in order to ensure Know True-Up works correctly and select “Submit”.

4. You should be returned to Know True-Up and you should see a “PGE Account Connected Successfully” message.

SDGE Connection Guide

1. Once you click the link in the automated email from Know True-Up, you will see the screen below. Select your utility provider on this screen.

2. Know True-Up redirects to the SDGE login page.

If you don’t have an SDG&E account setup, see “How to Register” section below.

3. Enroll in Green Button Connect. In the “Select Meters” section, make sure the correct meter is checked. Select both “Until I cancel” and “By clicking this box” check boxes. Click “Next”.

If you get an error which states “Please select meter to enroll in selected program”, See Error Resolution section below.

4. In the “Accounts” dropdown menu, make sure your electric account is selected (for some customers, the gas account is the default and must be changed to electric). See “Green Button Connect My Data” list, scroll to Know True-Up, click “Enroll”.

5. Scroll through preferences and make sure you confirm the correct meter number is selected. Select the “Until I cancel” and “By Clicking This Box” check boxes.

6. Re-Enter User ID and Password, click “Grant Permission”.

7. Click “Enroll”.

8. You should be returned to Know True-Up and you should see a “SDGE Account Connected Successfully” message.

Troubleshooting Section

How to Register for an SDGE Account

1. On the first page, select “Register”

2. Complete the required information to Sign up for My Account.

How to Resolve “Please Select Meter…” Error 

In some cases, no meter will be shown under “Select Meters” as shown below. which will result in the red box error shown below.

To resolve this, please set your electric meter to be your default meter.

1. At the top of the screen, select “Account” and then choose “My Profile”

2. Scroll to “My Service Addresses” where you will see multiple choices. Choose the account that is your electric meter (indicated by the boxed lightning icon). Then select the 3 dot menu boxed in red.

3. Choose “Set as default account”

4. Now that the correct meter is set as the default, go back to the original email to enter Know True-Up and select the correct utility to start the process again.

SCE Connection Guide

1. When you access Know True-Up, select Southern California Edison from the drop down menu for Utility Account.

2. You will be redirected to the SCE login page. Login to SCE using your SCE credentials.

3. Review and authorize.  The defaults are correct, and it is important to ensure “Interval Usage Data” remains at “Daily”.  Check “I am not a robot” and “I agree to authorize”.

4. You will be redirected to Know True-Up and see the message “SCE Account connected successfully”.


Troubleshooting Section

If you are not allowed to connect:

  1. First login to your SCE account directly from their website at
  2. Ensure you have accepted all terms and conditions if prompted
  3. Ensure that you have enrolled in paperless billing
  4. Ensure your account is linked if you see “Link Your Account”
  5. Once these steps are verified and complete, start the connection process again from within Know True-Up.

Enphase Connection Guide

1.  When you access Know True-Up select “Enphase” from the drop down menu for Solar Account

2.  Know True-Up Redirects to the Enphase Enlighten Page. Login using your Enphase credentials.

3. Authorize Enphase – click “Allow Access”:

4. You will be redirected back to know True-Up and see the message “Enphase account connected successfully”.

SolarEdge Connection Guide

1. To connect a SolarEdge inverter to Know True-Up, you need the system’s “Site ID” and an “API Key”. The installing contractor will have the administrative access required for this.

2. In SolarEdge’s monitoring portal, the “Site ID” can be found on the dashboard

3. The “API Key” is accessed in the “Admin” Tab of the SolarEdge Monitoring Portal. Click “Site Access” And “Access Control” once in the Admin tab.

4. Click “New Key” and click “Save”. Important Note! You must click Save in order for SolarEdge to save the API and complete the connection.

5. Now that you have the API Key and Site ID. Return to Know True-Up. Use the “Quick Connect Customer” and select the appropriate customer. Choose the Inverter type of SolarEdge and enter the API Key and Site ID as indicated in the red boxes. You can then choose an email to notify the customer of connection (or simply select none for no email) in the green box. Finally, click “Connect User” to finish the connection process.

SunPower Connection Guide

1. When you access Know True-Up, select “Sunpower” in the drop down menu for Solar Account

2. Enter your SunPower Credentials to connect your account.

SMA Connection Guide

1. When you access Know True-Up select SMA from the drop-down menu for Solar Account.

2. Know True-Up redirects you to the SMA Sunny Portal Webpage. Login to SMA using your SMA credentials.

2. Choose “Permit access”

3. You will be re-directed back to Know True-Up and you will see the message “SMA account connected successfully”.

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